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Prison Architect's Alpha 5 update adds foundation fixes and firemen

Introversion have released a new version of Prison Architect that improves a selection of existing tools, fixes numerous bugs and adds firemen. The changes are explained by Prison Architect's producer Mark Morris and designer Chris Delay in their video update.

You can now designate areas of your prison as staff only. Inmates will avoid these, unless they're "misbehaving". Which is apparently a thing that prisoners sometimes do. Also, you no longer have to watch your prison burn to the ground should a fire "accidentally" break out. Firemen can now be called out and directly controlled to surround and extinguish a blaze.

Perhaps the most important update, however, is an overhaul to foundation placement that makes building and extending your structures much more user friendly. You can now choose to either extend or create a new room based on where you drag the selection box from. It looks like a great improvement of one of the game's more fiddly tasks.

Alpha 5 is out now and can be grabbed from the download page. The full patch list is available on the Introversion forum . If you've yet to try your hand at confining hardened criminals, you can get the game from here .

Phil Savage
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