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Playable demo for Primordia, Wadjet Eye Games' sci-fi adventure

Wadjet Eye Games , makers of the excellent Blackwell series and the publisher behind Gemini Rue, have released a demo for their upcoming adventure game Primordia. Set in a post-apocalyptic robot society, you play as Horatio - voiced by the Bastion narrating Logan Cunningham - in a quest to bring back humanity so they can reformat the world afresh. Let's hope we remember where we left the reinstall disc. I'm always losing those bloody things.

The game is due on December 5th, and will be available from and Wadjet Eye's own store . It's also up on Steam's Greenlight service, having not secured a place on the storefront, despite many of the publisher's previous games finding a home there.

You can download the demo from here , and check out the previously released trailer below.

Thanks, Eurogamer .

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