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Phil Spencer says diehard PC gamers might not want an Xbox, and that's okay

Phil Spencer

As the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, Phil Spencer is probably the one guy you would expect to have an “Xbox for everyone!” sort of agenda. So it's interesting that, when Polygon asked him what reason a diehard PC gamer would have to purchase an Xbox One console, he replied that there might not actually be a reason at all.

"You might not [have a reason for buying one]. And I'm not trying to trick you into buying an Xbox One for what I'm doing,” Spencer said. “I was actually asked by somebody, 'Did you do Forza 6: Apex as a way of teasing the PC gamers with how good Forza is so they'll go buy an Xbox One?' No. That's not the plan.”

"So they might not [buy an Xbox One]. And I want that to be okay."

“You might not want to buy an Xbox One” is perhaps an unusual position to be taken by a guy whose job is, first and foremost, to sell as many of the things as possible. But it jibes with our own recent interview with Spencer, in which he said that Microsoft's strategy isn't to “unify” the PC and consoles, but rather to “embrace those differences.”

“There are games I was talking about earlier, like Ashes of the Singularity, a fast-paced RTS game—probably not the best controller game, and I want to make sure those games are great,” he said. “What I want to make sure is that gamers on our platforms, you feel like you have access to as many games as you can, and as a developer you feel like you have the tools and service to reach as many gamers as you can.”

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