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PCG's ArmA adventures - "In Which A Volcano Kills Us All"

run, you fools, run! (-general gandalf)

As we do on most Saturdays, our ArmA 2 community rallied in Ventrilo last week to cooperate in the shooting of AI-controlled men. We did it with guns--realistic ones. Tangos were downed. Rules of engagement were occasionally observed. Compasses were used to indicate direction.

But there was also a volcano: a chimney of earth-hate overlooking our perfectly ordinary raid of an insurgent village. The volcano was angry. It melted the tires on our truck. Without warning, magma bombs began to fall all around us. The volcano's artillery nearly claimed me--a medic had to revive me amid the panic. We sardined ourselves into a Russian helicopter to escape. It didn't work.

Thanks to Max for the video capture (and above-average aim with his MK16). The mission above, called "Joe and the Volcano," was created by ArmA 2 community member cheesenoggin. Download it here --I'd recommend that you do.

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