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Overwatch's Play of the Game used in South Korean political ad

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The only thing better than getting Play of the Game in Overwatch is watching a South Korean politician use the end-of-match highlight in an ad. 

In the ad (above), politician Sim Sang-Jung debates her opponents, eventually shutting them down. As their stunned faces are shown, Overwatch-style kills are racked up. It's priceless.

The video appears to come from Sang-Jung's official campaign channel, but this is not confirmed. Also, you might be wondering why the video's title and description is in English. Well, it originally had a Korean title, and we can't be certain, but it seems like the campaign changed the name of the video once it gained popularity.

As GameSpot reports, Sim Sang-Jung is running in the hopes of taking over Park Geun-hye's position—Geun-hye was impeached on corruption charges. The election takes place on May 9.

While this may be the first time Overwatch is used in a political ad from the politician's office, we saw something involving Blizzard's FPS in the American presidential election last year. A group called the Nuisance Committee, which is run by Cards Against Humanity's creators, bought out billboard ads that claimed Donald Trump was a Hanzo main, who "complains about team comp in chat."