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Outcast - Second Contact is coming in November, so here's a new trailer

Outcast – Second Contact hit a bump in the road earlier this year when its scheduled release date of March 30 was pushed into the fall. A date wasn't set then, but it is now: November 14 is the big day, a nice bit of news that comes to us alongside a new 'Hero Trailer' showcasing the unfortunate adventures of down-on-his-luck good guy Cutter Slade. 

Outcast – Second Contact is a remake of the 1999 original, which was a decent hit when it was new and has acquired something of a cult following since. In it, special forces guy Cutter is sent along with three scientists to an alien world called Adelpha to recover a damaged probe and close the black hole that connects that world to our own. Alas, he becomes separated from his charges, and ends up embroiled in a tale of time travel and civil strife. It's all a bit weird, to be honest. 

Pricing hasn't been announced yet—it's listed on Steam but not currently available for purchase—but whatever it ends up being, it will be offered at a 15 percent discount between November 14 and 29, with another 30 percent off for anyone who owns Outcast 1.1. There's also a website with a more detailed look at Adelpha, its inhabitants, your reasons for going there, and the people you were supposed to be taking care of, at