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Nvidia releases a hotfix GPU driver to correct stuttering and stability issues

Nvidia has made available a GeForce hotfix driver (version 398.98) to address a couple of issues gamers have been experiencing. One of them is a stability issue when running LA Noire VR with the latest GeForce driver.

The hotfix is supposed to correct that, along with a separate stuttering issue for "some configurations in the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 beta." It's not clear exactly which hardware and software configurations are experiencing trouble.

In a related thread on Nvidia's GeForce forum, a customer care representative says the hotfix also addresses a stuttering issue in Windowed G-Sync mode after upgrading to the Windows 10 April 2018 update. Nevertheless, some users in the thread have voiced frustration at still experiencing issues with G-Sync.

"So this doesn't fix the G-Sync bug for certain Fullscreen games like Euro Truck Simulator 2 (running the DX11 x64 version) and Mount & Blade then? If I have G-Sync enabled and launch these games in fullscreen, framerate is uncapped. Enabling V-Sync in game does nothing, enabling it in the control panel does nothing. If the game is borderless or windowed then it works fine. It's just fullscreen," a user wrote.

"I can turn off G-Sync and use Fixed Refresh fine. Putting G-Sync back on causes games that were fine in fullscreen and with G-Sync to also have uncapped framerate, again with V-Sync enabled in the panel. Last driver that works is 391.24, which is a bit useless now since I would like to play Battlefield V and that forces me to "upgrade" my driver to a later version in order to play it," the user continued.

You can follow the thread for more updates here; the hotfix is available here.