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Neptune, Have Mercy is an underwater roguelike, now on Kickstarter

Nhm Screen 001

Aliens? Yeah, whatever. Monsters? No sweat. The eldritch horrors of a twisted imagination? Yawn... Ah, but the sea? The sea literally terrifies me. It's full of weird shit. Look at this thing. Look at THIS THING!? It's an awful place full of weird things, and Nepune, Have Mercy wants to send us all down there. Luckily, it's a sci-fi sea they want to send us to, and not the terrible sea of our ridiculous planet.

Neptune, Have Mercy is an underwater Metroidvania roguelike in which your submarine must chart the randomised depths. More accurately, it wants to be that. It's now on Kickstarter, and looking for $20,000. Here's a trailer.

In addition to completing quests, collecting research and shooting up fish, you'll also be able to customise your ship with a variety of modules and weapons.

For more, head over to the Neptune, Have Mercy Kickstarter page.

Phil Savage
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