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Get a Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed beta key right here

Mirage: Arcane Warfare entered closed beta last week, and we've got 15,000 beta keys to give away. Come get one.

Torn Banner's successor to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare puts a colorful, magical spin on deliberate melee combat. The multiplayer game has six character classes span a range of mobility, durability, fighting styles, and abilities. Despite the presence of some magic projectiles and teleportation, everything's grounded in brutal, technical exchanges. All magic is blockable, sort of like fireballs in Street Fighter, and there aren't any 'ultimate' abilities that overpower raw technique.

The result is a promising first-person fighter with technical depth. We're interested to see what refinements are made ahead of Mirage's launch on May 23. 

Torn Banner tells me that the beta is planned to run until close to that release date, and that "much more new content" will be rotated into the beta in an April patch. "All of the maps in rotation will change, so those players who get into the beta right now will get content that will disappear in the coming weeks, until it comes back at full launch," senior brand manager Alex Hayter tells me.

Update: That's all she wrote! We're out of keys to give out. If you were told your beta key was a duplicate when you tried to enter it on Steam, please email for help.

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