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Listen to Overwatch's Reaper make a guest appearance in Destiny 2's PvP

Destiny 2 appearing on (in two weeks!) isn't the only cross-pollination happening between Blizzard and Bungie, it seems. Watch the video above to see Lord Saladin, Destiny 2's PvP announcer, spout off "Die, die, die!" in his best Reaper impression after Reddit user Crissyronaldo92 nabs the 'We Ran Out of Medals' accolade

If they sound similar, it's because Keith Ferguson provides the voice for both Reaper in Overwatch and Lord Saladin in Destiny 2. The line was either introduced in a recent patch, or is based on random chance and achieving the 'We Ran Out of Medals' medal. Either way, Saladin is known to shout all sorts of nonsense when you excite him.  

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