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Hitman release date announced

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Why yes, Io, lines like, "it is a high definition sandbox where every NPC has a name" are going to get me interested in a new Hitman game. The studio has been on stage at Square Enix's E3 press conference, talking up the latest in their assassination series. And it sounds like they're trying some new things.

First up, there's a release date: December 8.

It sounds like it's Hitman-as-a-service, with Io promising new locations, missions and hits that will appear at "regular intervals". It's not quite clear how this will work; whether it will be free updates, DLC or a more episodic style, but there are some interest ideas planned. For one thing, certain targets will be available only for a limited time, and will give players just one chance to take them down. "If your target escapes, he's going to be gone forever," Io says.

It's not clear from the trailer if the new Hitman will fix the problems of Absolution, but the promise of a more sandbox approach is promising. Also returning is one of Absolution's redeeming features: Contracts mode. Placed in bigger and more freeform levels, that has the potential to be an effective way to pass the time between official hits.

Phil Savage
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