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Gwent gameplay trailer showcases online action and the singleplayer campaign

CD Projekt's competitive card game Gwent went into open beta yesterday, and since it's free to play there's no reason not to just sign up, download the thing, and have at it. But if you'd like a better idea of what it's all about before you leap into the fray, the new gameplay trailer released today has you covered. 

The video focuses primarily on the mechanics of combat and doesn't dig too deeply into the still-to-come singleplayer campaign mode, although it sounds like we'll be hearing more about that at some point. And that's the part of it that I find especially interesting: Multiplayer CCGs aren't really my thing, but a proper Witcher "adventure" blended with the dopamine hit of deck building—and without the repeated ass-kickings of online play? I'll sign up for that. 

Speaking of which, you can sign up for the Gwent open beta at CD Projekt also put out a fun Gwent cinematic trailer that you can enjoy below.