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Guild of Dungeoneering out next month

Guild Of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering is a game of dungeon exploration and guild management, with a neat conceit that sees you building dungeons yourself from randomly distributed cards. You'll place everything from floor tiles to enemies and treasure in each dungeon, with the aim of challenging—but not overwhelming—your largely automated dungeon-delver characters, so they have a chance of defeating each area boss. Once a fight occurs, it plays out via simple turn-based combat, again using nicely tactile-seeming cards. (Pretty much everything is done with cards in Guild of Dungeoneering.)

Why am I going on about Guild of Dungeoneering? Because it's finally been given a release date, after what seems like an age. July 14th is the date to note in your Filofaxes, and on your electronic telephones. The date was accompanied by a short new trailer, helpfully giving games journo types like me something to stick at the end of their articles. It offers a nice overview of what Gambrinous' RPG is all about.

Ta, PCGamesN.