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Grand Theft Auto meets Cthulhu in survival game Dead Static Drive

In Dead Static Drive, you play as a survivor travelling across the desolate highways of the U.S, a country that in this universe has been ravaged by Eldritch beings. Described by solo developer Mike Blackney as "Grand Theft Cthulhu," it's a road trip from Hell. The rules of survival are in full swing, you'll need to scavenge, fight, and sneak your way through Dead Static Drive's dangerous world. 

There isn't a release date yet, apart from listing 2020 on its Steam page, but an early teaser trailer has been released that gives us a good look at some of the game's mechanics, as well as a first glimpse of the horrific creatures. 

The eerie trailer shows characters running away from some kind of monster that keeps punching through the ground from below. From watching the trailer, it's abundantly clear that a car will be vital for survival, as characters are just too slow on foot. The dark, ethereal music over the top of the teaser completes Dead Static Drive's overall unsettling atmosphere. Make sure you watch right until the end for a horrendous look at what the creatures look like above ground. 

Blackney doesn't want his game to be all doom and gloom. In an interview last year conducted by VentureBeat, Blackney said that he wants Dead Static Drive to be, "one-part stupid-bad rubbish driving, doing flips in your car, and I also want the other part to be nameless cosmic horror."

You can follow the Dead Static Drive's development by keeping an eye on its Steam page and Twitter profile