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Genshin Impact devs are so committed to gacha, they even used it for their staff giveaway

Genshin Impact
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In what some may consider an ironic twist, Genshin Impact devs miHoYo gave their employees tons of graphics cards, consoles, and Apple products… using a gacha system.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad shared images of the insane tech hoard on Twitter, which included piles of PlayStation 5 consoles, RTX graphics cards, iPhone 12's and Nintendo Switch consoles. A whole other plethora of Apple products and tech goodies were in the mix too.

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But how do you decide who gets what product? Well, in true miHoYo fashion, they decided to run the staff giveaway as a gacha—transparent drop rates and all. Ahmad shared the drop rates for each item, with Apple products like MacBooks and Apple Watches taking the rarest spot on the list with a 1% chance. That's still higher than your chance of getting a 5-star character or weapon in Genshin Impact, mind you.

The most common drops were items like AirPods and an AOC monitor, with a 30% chance of nabbing a variety of smaller tech items. According to Ahmad, there were enough prizes to go around for every employee, just that "you might not get the PS5." Ahmad also made it clear that the raffle was only used for this giveaway, "not for any other financial compensation/bonuses they earn."

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Now don't get me wrong, giving away a bunch of expensive tech to show gratitude to your employees is bloody amazing. But there's something to be said for one of the world's most popular gacha developers raffling off their prizes in a similar fashion to Genshin Impact's Wish system. Every prize is damn good though, and I certainly wouldn't complain about a free 34" monitor (cough cough, I love my PC Gamer editors so much!)

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