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Fragment: first-person techno stealth is a smashing idea

Things students like: being drunk, being poor, being the subject of tired clichés... Oh, and being the creators of interesting Unity-based first person action-puzzle hybrids featuring a variety of experimental systems and ideas. Much like Fragment : a sci-fi stealth game about swapping bodies with remote-control holograms and shattering enemies into thousands of glass-like shards.

Developed by a team for the Vancouver Film School, Fragment has you exploring through a space station, avoiding patrols of guards by deploying, manoeuvring and swapping places with a holographic clone of yourself. You can use the clone to distract enemies, create an instant reach safespot to escape to, or reach impossibly high ledges.

You're incredibly fragile, but can instantly "Assimilate" (shatter) enemies with a single close-range attack. This powers up your clone, eventually giving you access to a remote bomb attack.

As always with these Unity experiments, it's a charming mixture of ideas and occasionally crude implementation. But the basic mechanics are solid and fun to play around with.

Download Fragment here . Trailer below:

Thanks, IndieGames .

Phil Savage
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