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First "significant update" to Elite: Dangerous planned for February

Elite Dangerous Review

Updates have been arriving for Elite: Dangerous regularly, including one just this morning to optimize servers and fix (as-yet unnamed) bugs. Frontier Developments has also recently added in newly discovered real-life planets, such as Kepler-438b, so you can visit them between your space-trucking and pirate-hunting missions.

In a post on Frontier's forums this morning, executive producer Michel Brookes gave a vague outline of future updates, including one planned for the first week of February which he describes as "significant." While he provides few details, he mentions the update will provide "a new way to collaborate with other players in the galaxy," something Elite: Dangerous is certainly in need of. According to Brookes, version 1.1 will also increase the maximum distance for the galaxy map route-planner, up to 1,000 light years, allowing players to schedule longer journeys for their exploration missions.

March is slated to bring another big update introducing "player wings," which will allow players to group up with others and share missions, bounties, and rewards. You can read the entire forum post here.

Christopher Livingston
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