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Final Fantasy 15 gets a new questline and Tomb Raider crossover in latest update

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 15 is collaborating with Tomb Raider and Terra Wars, a spin-off from the mobile RPG, Terra Battle, and currently in development by Mistwalker. This brings players a new questline, new comrades gear, as well as in-game music.

Final Fantasy 15 is no stranger to collaborations—we've seen the gang show up in Minecraft, and Noctis risked messing up his hair by joining the ranks of Tekken 7. Here's what they're up to this time.

The first crossover sees Noctis join Sarah from Terra Wars in a whole new questline. The trailer, above, shows them stranded together in a mysterious location—with neither having any idea of how they got there. The questline is available to play now in Chapter 5.

Next up is the collaboration with Tomb Raider, which will let you dress up—well, your character—as Lara Croft with new avatar parts added for use in Comrades. Additionally, Tomb Raider music tracks have been added to the music player in the main game.

You can check out the details here.