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Far Cry 4 trailer re-introduces Pagan Min

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min

We already know thatFar Cry 4 features a villain roughly as hatter-mad as Vaas from the previous game, but we get to see him make another of his little speeches in this brisk new trailer for Ubisoft's open-world elephant-'em-up. Also pictured: hovercraft, quad bikes, and a bit where a freefalling Ajay Ghale lobs a grenade into a plane and then the plane blows up. Such dexterous killing. Pagan Min won't like that.

The following video is accompanied by a guffy press release detailing the origin of Pagan Min, but all you really need to know is that he has great taste in suits, he wants hero Ajay Ghale to join him in his quest to be a total dictator, and he's all about killing people who get in his way. Interspersed with his mad-villaining are a few new bits of footage, showing off Far Cry 4's assortment of land and sea and air vehicles, which do look quite fun. As in the last game, it's awfully nice of the rebels and government to wear colour-coded uniforms so you know which ones to shoot, or to run into with your quad bike or elephant.

November 18th is the date to remember if you're considering purchasing Far Cry 4. Unless you're an elephant, in which case you've probably forgotten already.