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Fall Guys are officially 6 feet tall and have human skulls and nipples

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Update: It looks like there are multiple factions within Mediatonic debating over the actual anatomy of a Fall Guy. While senior concept Tudor Morris would have us believe that inside these beans reside horrific bird-human skeletons and useless nipples, principle concept artist Ash Kerins has presented an alternative theory. 

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Kerins suggests that the beans are considerably smaller than humans, weight the same as an average pillow and are full of air, aside from their large, squishy heart. At this point, the only way to know for sure if by cutting one of them open. 

Original story: Some things should stay mysteries. The internet's desire to know more about Fall Guys has given rise to a horrific piece of official concept art that details the anatomy of the titular beans, and now we can never go back. 

According to the Fall Guys Twitter account, the beans stand at six feet, and underneath their bulbous, squishy exterior is bone and muscle that makes them look like human-bird hybrids. They've got human skulls, long eyestalks, completely useless nipples, and bird-like necks and legs. 

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys senior concept artist Tudor Morris created the anatomical diagram, so they're entirely responsible for the nightmares and the many questions I now have about those nipples.

I was under the impressions they were just beans all the way through, and perhaps they were once. Maybe we're dealing with something like a gelatinous cube from D&D, which can engulf people and dissolve them down to their bones. Are these happy-go-lucky beans really remorseless killers? 


Fall Guys' first season is coming to an end in October, so perhaps there will be more distressing revelations in the second one. Season 2 will have a medieval fantasy theme, with wizards, knights and dragons, suggesting that the beans are indeed fantasy monsters. They must be stopped. 

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