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ESL One Cologne is the next $1 million Valve Major

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ESL One Cologne 2015

ESL One Cologne 2016 (opens in new tab) will be the next $1 million CS:GO tournament, starting July 8. In February, Valve announced it would be putting $1 million into the prize pool (opens in new tab) for every major. The first was MLG Columbus earlier this month in which Luminosity came away with the top spot and $500,000. Previously the prize fund for ESL One stood at a trifling £250,000.

Sixteen teams will clash in Cologne's Lanxess arena: eight invited directly from MLG Columbus and eight challengers. The challengers will be decided as eight teams from Columbus who did not make it to the quarter finals duke it out with the eight best teams from the regional minors.

Tickets are already on sale (opens in new tab), starting at €41 and climbing to a spit-taking €3,000.