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Epic Stellaris trailer serves up a "Tour of the Galaxy"


Paradox Interactive has released a sweeping new trailer for its sci-fi grand strategy game Stellaris that demonstrates, in less than three minutes, how much work goes into founding and maintaining a star-spanning empire.

Stellaris will feature procedurally-generated planets and galaxies, randomized alien races, an advanced diplomacy system with alliances and federations, unique legal frameworks, a ship designer built around “a vast array of technologies,” and multiplayer support for up to 32 players. “The galaxy should always be unknown and surprising,” Game Director Henrik Fåhreus said last November. “That is why there are no 'major races' in the game, and such a great variety of discoveries you can make.”

The trailer is great, and if it puts you in the mood for something a little more detailed, we've got that covered too: Paradox spent nearly 40 minutes showing off the game and answering questions at last month's PC Gamer Weekender, which you can watch right here. Stellaris is set for launch on May 9.

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