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Elite: Dangerous Horizons video offers work-in-progress footage of Europa

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The Elite: Dangerous Horizons beta was meant to kick off on November 24, but due to some last minute setbacks Frontier Developments had to push the date back. It's expected to open up on November 30 now – or December 1 in Australia – according to David Braben writing in the Elite forums. In the meantime, he's Braben has uploaded some footage of planetary landings, specifically some orbital cruise around Europa.

"Here is another unedited video, this time showing some orbital cruise around Europa, then docking at Haberlandt Survey on the surface," reads the description. "Sub-surface scattering is not working on the ice, and a few other things that will be improved."

Braben also uploaded a shorter video showing Europa from orbit, with the ship transferring from supercruise into orbital cruise. A specific release date for Horizons has yet to be confirmed, but it'll be during 2016. Check out Andy Kelly's impressions on the expansion.

Shaun Prescott
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