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Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 promo items now available for free

There are many great things about the Dragon Age games, but simplicity of purchasing options has never been one of them. In the run up to both games' release, it appeared as if you could receive a different in-game pre-order bonus depending on where you bought it from, the time of purchase, or whether you chose an even or odd day of the month to place your order. I think there was even a special helmet made just for people who had drunk exactly 13,964 cups of coffee in their lifetime.

Bioware are finally collecting Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II's many disparate items together, and will give all of them to you, for free, if you go to this promo page and log-in with your EA Origin account details. You don't even need to own the game, so if you're ever planning to pick it up in the future, feel free to stock up on freebies now.

In return, you'll receive 40 items of +3 this and -7% of that. You don't get any of the actual content packs with the giveaway, but it's still a nice bonus drop of loot. I'd go into specifics, but I've forgotten my enchanted socks of +5 Tolerance to Stat Trawling.

One notable inclusion is the Fan Reward Pack, a three-item bundle that was previously only available to people who went to the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. Sucks to be those guys - their reward has just become a lot less exclusive.

Phil Savage
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