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Dragon Age 2 dev diary demonstrates tactical combat

Dragon Age 2 soldier thumb

Bioware have released a new Dragon Age 2 developer diary showing two different ways players will be able to approach a fight. There's the hands-on, direct control approach that lets you switch control between different characters and pummel your enemies up close, or there's the pause and plan approach that lets you queue up orders to unleash a devastating barrage of attacks in one go. You'll find the footage below.

There's a few neat abilities on show here as well, like the ranged attack that rains a volley of arrows at a target location, or the mage's meteoric firestorm ability that lays fiery waste to large sections of the battlefield. If you'd like to know more about the game, have a look at our Dragon Age 2 preview . Otherwise, here's Dragon Age 2's scarily lit Lead Designer, Mike Laidlaw, outlining the new combat system from Bioware's darkest development bunker.

[via RPS ]

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