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Dota 2 gets meta with The Stanley Parable announcer pack, available now

Now you can get in the mood for DIGITAL SPORTS! with the help of the smooth, comforting and somewhat sociopathic Narrator from The Stanley Parable. As teased all those months ago, his gently mocking wit is now available as a Dota 2 announcer pack . Sure, it's not hard to make fun of an incomprehensible game about internet wizards, but it takes skill to do it and still make the game's fans want to give you money.

The announcer pack was made by The Stanley Parable creator Davey Wreden and the Narrator's voice actor Kevan Brighting. According to Wreden—albeit jokingly—it aims to make Dota 2 "not only understandable but even downright accessible to the common layperson". Has it succeeded? If you'd rather not experience the pack in a live Dota environment, you can get a full preview at the Dota 2 wiki .

If you're so entrenched in Dota 2 that you don't know what The Stanley Parable is, you can find out via a 50% weekend sale. The Stanley Parable Announcer Pack is out now , and will be 10% off for 48 hours after release.

Phil Savage
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