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Dicey Dungeons is getting more updates, mod support

(Image credit: Terry Cavanagh)
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Terry Cavanagh, creator of Super Hexagon and VVVVVV, released his latest game Dicey Dungeons three months ago. The combat-focused RPG about heroes who've been transformed into dice has apparently had an even more successful launch than either of his previous commercial games, and those were nothing to be sneezed at. As he wrote on his blog, "Within just its first month, Dicey Dungeons outsold the lifetime sales of my previous two games on Steam combined."

Dicey Dungeons already received a Halloween-themed update and several patches, but Cavanagh has said he's committed to more post-release support. The 1.7 update will be focused on modding support, and "hopefully we’ll be doing more stuff like the Halloween Special in future."

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