Dark Souls 3 conquered without leveling up or taking damage

You're pretty much meant to die in Dark Souls games. Whether you think they're hard or insist they're easy, death is a pretty crucial part of the experience. So is, for that matter, leveling up and bolstering the strength of your character. But what if you choose to play Dark Souls 3 without doing either of these things?

You'd probably have a real hard time, to be honest, but Twitch streamer Squillakilla has managed it. The run, which takes around 9 hours, hits every single boss and both DLC areas as a level 1 character. Crucially, not once during the whole playthrough does the streamer take damage. Not once. 

As far as novel Dark Souls runs go, it's refreshingly straightforward: no DJ Hero inputs are used, it's not voice controlled, it's not achieved with one hand while nursing a chook in the other. But it's still very impressive. You can watch (or skim through) the whole run below.