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Crusader Kings Chronicle, part 6: 1128-1160

Long live the king!

October 30, 1141: Duke Brian II of Munster declares war on his cousin, King Gilla-Íosa, proclaiming himself rightful King of Ireland as the original King Brian's most direct living heir. Duke Indrechtach of Ulster, the most powerful lord in Ireland, joins Murchad's claim.

November 8, 1141: Countess Catríona of Desmond joins the war on Murchad's side.

Well, it looks like I might not be as outnumbered as I thought. All of the same houses that went to war to depose my father and put the Breifnean ua Brians on the throne are now seemingly supporting me to reverse their previous error.

November 12, 1141: The first battle of the Second ua Brian Succession War takes places at Kildare, with nearly even numbers on each side.

November 21, 1141: Duke Máel Mórda of Leinster joins the war on Murchad's side.

November 30, 1141: Countess Caisséna of Kildare becomes the last of the pretender's vassals to join Murchad's side. Gilla-Íosa and Breifne are now alone against the might of the realm.

December 5, 1141: The fighting at Kildare concludes when the arrival of reinforcements from Dublin lead to a glorious Munsterian victory. 300 Ulster men are already besieging Gilla-Íosa's seat at Dromahair, and Murchad marches to meet them with the 2000 men he has gathered from the southern lords.

December 18, 1141: Dromahair falls. The army of the true king is united, over 6200 in number. It is the largest host ever raised on Irish soil, and only 300 rebels remain in the field.

February 1, 1142: Roscommon castle is taken, and all of Gilla-Íosa's holdings are occupied. Peasants flocking to Murchad's banners swell his numbers to nearly 7000.