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COD: Black Ops 4 battle royale mode gets its first (short) gameplay video

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is getting a battle royale mode called 'Blackout', but we don't know much about it yet: we don't know what its player count will be, and we don't know what tweaks and changes to the COD FPS formula are needed to accommodate it. But thanks to a new teaser in the trailer below, we do know, at least, that it'll have choppers in it.

Check it out here (the footage starts at 1:25):

That footage wraps up a new trailer advertising a multiplayer beta taking place next month. Early access starts August 10, but it'll be open to the public from August 11 until August 13. This won't include Blackout, though: a separate beta will operate for that in September.

Blackout will boast a map 1500 times bigger than Nuketown, and has air, land and sea vehicles. 

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