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Cloudpunk looks amazing in first-person mode

(Image credit: Ion Lands)

Cloudpunk's aggressively neon city is one of the best-looking videogame locales I've hung around in this year. Developer Ion Lands works magic with voxels, creating a place that I'd hate to live in but love to gawk at. And thanks to the upcoming first-person camera, I'll be able to gawk a lot more effectively. 

When you're driving around, the camera currently follows your vehicle, and when you're wandering around it switches to a side-on perspective more evocative of platformers. You're always kept a fair distance away. The first-person switch is a pretty big leap, then, and the city looks completely transformed, even though the level design is apparently unchanged. 

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According to studio head Marko Dieckmann, the new perspective does reveal some of the tricks the team used to craft the metropolis, but I think I can stomach seeing how the sausage is made if it means I can traipse around a striking cyberpunk city in first-person. 

It's currently in the beta branch on Steam, but it will graduate to the live version soon. 

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