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Civilization Facebook game to launch alpha next week

Civ World

The long dormant Civilization World project has suddenly sprung to life. A Facebook message from Sid Meier has announced that the project will now be called Civ World, and a playable alpha of the game is set to start next week.

Next Wednesday, January 12th is the day the alpha is set to launch. If you'd like to get invovled registration for the alpha is now open on the official Civ World registration page , but in order to take part, you'll have to put a team of between 5 and 50 people first.

Meier explains why teams are necessary, saying that "to win in Civ World, you'll need to collaborate with your friends in order to do well in the game and become ruler of the world, so in our early Alpha testing, we're grouping people together to simulate how the game will work when it's available to the world at large. In the final game, you'll be able to sign up individually (although we'll love it if you invite your friends), but to participate in Closed Alpha, you'll have to enter as a team."

Meier also talks a bit about how the game will play. "In Civ World you will be joining your friends to form nations, which will compete with other player-nations to rule the world."

"Civ World games will have a well-defined beginning and end, each ending with a triumphant civilization and one person recognized as that game's most prestigious player. Along the way, as you progress through the different eras of time, you'll have the chance to win era victories as well. We want players to have both a final goal to work towards, as well as short-term objectives to achieve as they play. The trophies you unlock with your triumphs will carry over from game to game, and you can show them off in your throne room."

As an added bonus, all those who make it into the alpha will recieve a special item to add to their throne room. For more information, check out the Civilization World Facebook page .

[via Bluesnews ]

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