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Check out Overwatch's Zenyatta remade in StarCraft 2

Have you ever thought to yourself, "StarCraft 2 is pretty great, but what it really needs is some Overwatch?" If so, then allow me to direct your attention to the redditor ZeShmoutt, who has recreated the Omnic monk Zenyattta in Blizzard's interstellar RTS. 

The StarCraft-rendered Zenyatta, which uses a model created in 2015 by Taylor Mouse, appears to bring all the Overwatch talents to the table, including Orbs of Destruction, Discord, and Harmony, and Zen's ultimate, Transcendance. And they seem to work much as they do in Zenyatta's home game: Transcendance, for instance, appears to grant invulnerability, increased movement speed, and an area healing effect, just as it does in Overwatch. 

ZeShmoutt said "not that much" effort was required to make the character. "You just need to understand how all pieces work (actors, units, effects, abilities, behaviors, validators, and so on), and how to combine them. I've used the editor somewhat regularly since Wings of Liberty's release in 2010, so the only "hard" part was figuring out how to recreate the abilities," they wrote in the Overwatch subreddit. "The abilities themselves took around one afternoon that slightly overflowed into the evening, and adding more visual and audio feedback added another couple of hours." 

It's not likely that we'll see Zenyatta squaring off against the Zerg anytime soon, but as ZeShmoutt pointed out in the Heroes of the Storm subreddit, HotS and StarCraft 2 "share the same engine and editor." ZeShmoutt also noted separately (and, I would assume, hopefully) that they are available for hire.