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Check out fresh Mirage: Arcane Warfare gameplay in a pair of bloody new trailers

Debuted today at the PC Gaming Show, a pair of new trailers for Torn Banner Studios' upcoming magic-and-melee FPS Mirage: Arcane Warfare demonstrate a few of the bloody, bone-crunching ways that players will be able to do each other in. 

The first trailer, up above, is a nicely-edited "highlight of the night" sort of thing, while the second is a longer, more conventional gameplay demo in which two teams battle for control of “Binding Glyphs." It looks to be a fairly conventional "control point" mode, but the mix of melee and magic is interesting, and the over-the-top violence is a kick, too. Everything sounds so wonderfully squishy

We took a closer look at Mirage: Arcane Warfare back in March, and even in an incomplete state it sounds very promising. Torn Banner expects to begin public beta testing later this summer, and have the game in full release later this year.

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