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New Vegas mod adds bullet time and other awesome features

Fallout New Vegas - Just run.

Fallout: New Vegas is pretty good at the whole 'being a wasteland wander bad-ass' thing. But the guys behind new mod Project Nevada are taking it to new heights. Read on for an outline of the new features and a trailer.

The upcoming mod completely rebalances the game, making it a lot harder. There's also a scrap-pile of new equipment and features which transform you into a walking dealer of destruction. Chief among the awesome new tweaks is bullet-time (which makes every game better, no?), cybernetic implants and night vision modes for various helmets.

There's dynamic cross-hairs and a grenade hotkey too, which should make it easier to play more as a straight-up shooter, rather than having to rely on V.A.T.s for every damn kill. Check out the trailer below to see why we're so excited.

Sadly it's not out yet, but if you're still looking for some great Fallout: New Vegas mods then you'll just have to sate yourselves with our 25 best mods for Fallout New Vegas .

[via vg247 ]

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