Bioshock Infinite's pre-order bonuses: boosts, cash and lockpicks

BioShock Infinite Columbia

Irrational have announced the pre-order bonuses that eager Bioshock Infinite fans will receive on pre-ordering the game. The Industrial Revolution pack contains a selection of character buffs, extra cash and... five lockpicks. As you may know, the industrial revolution was the thieviest of time periods. A trailer runs through the content, as well as provides more glimpses of the game's frenetic combat.

Here's what you get:

  • Sugar Rush Gear: Speed Boost
  • Fleet Feet Gear: Evasion Boost
  • Handyman Nemesis Gear: Increased Damage
  • 500 Silver Eagles (in-game currency)
  • 5 - count 'em - lockpicks
  • Industrial Revolution puzzle game

To be honest, I'm always a bit wary of these in-game unlock bonuses. My playthrough of Deus Ex: Human Revolution was made slightly stranger by the addition of 10,000 credits from a pre-order pack. To avoid ruining the game's balance, I played the entire thing with the additional clause that Adam Jensen had to hold onto the money for a friend, and would give it back to him after the end of the game.

Still, I can only imagine that free gear for one of the most anticipated games of 2013 will prove tempting for many.