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Battlefield 5 is currently in development, says DICE rep

Battlefield 4

In thoroughly unsurprising news, there is going to be a new Battlefield game. According to a Tweet by DICE development director Dan Vaderlind, now that Star Wars: Battlefront has shipped he's been transferred over to "the next Battlefield".

A new Battlefield game usually releases every two years: Battlefield 3 came in 2011, Battlefield 4 in 2013, and Battlefield: Hardline earlier this year. Despite claiming they had no intentions to annualise Battlefield, EA has Battlefield 5 on its release schedule for 2016.

Whatever the case, if you weren't too fond of Hardline's militarised cop theme, Battlefield 5 will be a return to the series' more traditional military setting, according to comments made by EA's CFO last year. It's in keeping with the publisher's mandate to ship a new FPS every year, which means we'll probably see a new Titanfall in 2017.

Support for Battlefield 4 continues, with a new map based on a Battlefield 2 classic released last month.

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