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Battlefield 4 gameplay video revealed -- 17 minutes of campaign footage released by EA

Battlefield 4

Following a leaked trailer and screenshots that snuck onto the web earlier today, EA has published the first official footage of Battlefield 4, a 17-minute snippet from the game's campaign.

Some of my cohorts had a chance to see Battlefield 4 earlier tonight at the Game Developers Conference in downtown San Francisco--we'll have more thoughts and information to share soon. I wasn't there, so I'm unhelpfully unfamiliar with the context of this video, but one thing I do notice and appreciate is the use of both optics and iron sights on the player's weapon (seen at 5:00 ), a mechanic we've also seen in Red Orchestra 2 and Arma 3 . The rest of the trailer is a mixture of infantry and ground vehicle sequences around broken industrial areas around a fictionalized Baku --at the risk of sounding jaded, I didn't see anything that deviated from of the encounter templates we've seen in military FPS campaigns for years. It's an underwhelming, familiar introduction to Battlefield 4.

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The unexpected use of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" had me scrambling to figure out which tab was playing music, though. Hopefully EA will follow-up soon with video and information about BF4's multiplayer, which it's fair to say most of us are more invested in.

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