Bad news Australia: XCOM 2 is $127 to pre-order on Steam [Update: it's now $85]

Xcom 2

Update: 2K Australia got in touch this morning to point out that the price has been decreased to US$59.99 in Australia, which is just below $85 locally. The publisher said the price had been published in error.

Original story [September 11]:

XCOM 2 got a new Steam page today, which is good news for anyone who, for whatever reason, wants to pre-order it. It'll set you back $59.95 if you live in North America, but other regions aren't so lucky. In Australia the price is US$89.95, which at the current exchange rate makes it a whopping $127.45.

That's not for the special edition, or the premium edition, or the super-premium-deluxe edition (none of which actually exist at the moment): that's just for regular old XCOM 2 – though you'll get a Resistance Warrior Pack for pre-ordering.

Australians often gripe about the price of software, but $128 is taking the piss a bit. While it might have made sense to jack up the Australian price when our dollar was at parity with the US, that's not the case anymore: the AU gets you 70 US cents at present.

It's not the first time this has happened on Steam, and it's definitely not the first time it's happened to a 2K game: reports that Civilization: Beyond Earth was similarly expensive.

We've reached out to 2K's Australian office for comment.