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Another P.T. remake that I'm too scared to finish has appeared

Ever since P.T. vanished from the PlayStation Store, fans have been trying to bring Konami’s horror teaser back to life. The latest attempt, Unreal PT, remakes the demo from scratch and took developer Radius Gordello 10 months to create. You can grab it on for free. I just took it for a spin and can confirm that it’s far too scary for a Friday afternoon. 

I didn’t get very far. At the fifth loop I chickened out. It’s dense with atmosphere and, even playing it in my well-lit office in the middle of the afternoon, I felt pretty unnerved throughout. Good stuff, if I was feeling braver. 

Having never played the original, I had to watch some videos to make a comparison, but it appears to be pretty spot on. It’s got that unmistakable Unreal game look, however, so it doesn’t quite look exactly like its inspiration, which was developed using the Fox Engine. 

“The gameplay is nearly identical to the original,” says the developer. “The biggest difference is the very end of the game has been changed slightly to make beating it more consistent.”

While there are several P.T. remakes and homages on, Konami has been known to shut them down. Last July, PT for PC creator Qimsar was asked by Konami to take down his remake, so you should probably download Unreal PT while you can.

Fraser Brown
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