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Airborne Kingdom's majestic trailer shows off its intricate flying fortresses

VIDEO: Day[9] and DevBot introduce the PC Gaming Show trailer for Airborne Kingdom. Also on YouTube.

Airborne Kingdom is a city management sim in which you build a flying sky fortress. You'll need to search for resources, expand your city, and find old technology all from the dizzying heights of the sky. Check out the PC Gaming Show trailer above to get a sense of what that looks like.

The trailer acts as a sky city portfolio, showing off the majesty of these intricate cities as they glide across a patchwork map. It looks like there will be an abundance of different ways to design your kingdom through a mix and matching of rudders, windmills, sails, and oars. You'll also have control over a small fleet of airships, seen at the beginning of the trailer. 

Developer The Wandering Band says that you'll need to upgrade buildings, manage resources, and meet the needs of your population—but you'll also have the new problems that the sky brings like maintaining lift and balancing weight. To help, you'll be able to make alliances with different kingdoms and gain their favour by finding artefacts and building trade routes.

There's no release date yet, but Airborne Kingdom will be out sometime this fall. You can pre-order it over on the Epic Games Store.