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AI neural networks are giving Final Fantasy 7 a makeover

AI neural networks have become a pretty handy tool for modders lately, working their upscaling magic on the likes of Morrowind and Doom. Final Fantasy 7 has joined the roster, and the results are impressive, completely transforming the background textures of the venerable JRPG. 

You can check out some comparisons between the original and the Final Fantasy 7 Remako HD Field Mod below. 

The work-in-progress mod’s creator used Gigapixel to upscale the backgrounds, but Another modder posted different but also impressive results using Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks (ESRGAN), which was also used to create Morrowind Enhanced Textures. 

Some upscaling and HD attempts just look bizarre, but these manage to match my memories of the original far closer than screenshots of the unaltered game. It looks so much more than just upscaled textures. Here’s a fullscreen gallery

Aside from the comparison images, they aren't in-game screenshots; they're examples of the AI-enhanced images that will be used in the mod. The Remako HD Field Mod is expected out in a week or two, and I'll update this article when it's available. 

Fraser Brown
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