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Age of Decadence gets October release date

Age of Decadence

Spare a thought for Age of Decadence, the hottest CRPG of 2004, which is finally set to release on October 14 2015. Developer Iron Tower Studio has revealed as much in a new forum post, and it feels like the end of an era. The non-linear, Fallout- and Roman-Empire-inspired RPG has been quietly existing in the background for years, while Divinity: Original Sin, Pillars of Eternity, and other pointy, clicky roleplayers have had their turn to bask in the sun.

Age of Decadence hit Steam Early Access a couple of years ago, and as of two days ago the game is feature and story complete, and playable from start to finish. From now until October 14, Iron Tower will "work on the balance, visuals, flavor text, and bug-fixing", which must be extensive in an RPG of this size and scope.

September 10 also saw the release of a new update to the Early Access version, adding the final location, an ancient ziggurat that serves as a "resting place of one of the Gods who fought alongside men in the Great War". "Improved combat", and 13 endings have also just been added to the game.

Here's the Early Access trailer. There's a (recently updated) demo on Steam if you fancy giving Age of Decadence a try.