Attack on Titan 2 details character editor and online modes

Since being confirmed for PC last year, Attack on Titan 2 has since teased its story and naked giant battles. Now, the anime-inspire slasher has dropped new information on its character creation suite and online modes. 

By virtue of a website update, we now know that the game's character editor lets players tweak a number of their avatar's credentials, including: hairstyle, body shape, facial features, tone of voice and clothing. Here's some screens as pulled from Attack on Titan 2's website:

Speaking to its online features, a new Annihilation Mode has two teams of four 'Scouts' competing for the highest score within a restricted time limit. "Defeating the devastating Titans is one of the most important ways to earn these points," so reads the website's blurb, "and working together is key to annihilating these foes as quickly and efficiently as possible."

In doing so, players will leverage Chain Bonuses whereby taking on enemies as a unit grants higher scores. Likewise, kills in the last minute of competitive play nets players double points, which makes communication through gestures and messages—inspired by the game's manga roots—essential.

"Online functionality isn’t only limited to competitive play," the site's blub continues. "Players can take on missions co-operatively in Story Mode and Scout Missions with friends or other players around the world. Gathering a team of close allies during these modes allows players to experience the gripping events of A.O.T. 2’s narrative together, or players can offer help others that are struggling against the Titan threat."

More information on all of that, plus a number of character profiles, can be found via the game's official site. Attack on Titan 2 is due in North America and Europe on March 20, 2018.

Thanks, Gematsu.