Atlas Rogues reveals a first look at its turn-based PvE gameplay

In October, Gamigo announced that the turn-based PvP strategy game Atlas Reactor, which was closed in June 2019, would be overhauled and returned as a PvE game called Atlas Rogues. Today it announced that the game will debut on Steam Early Access on November 18, and dropped the first trailer revealing what it will actually look like in action.

The new Atlas Rogues appears very similar to the old Atlas Reactor, but this time around you'll lead a squad of "freelancers" against the forces of the Trusts—basically evil mega-corps—for control of the Reactor Keys that can prevent (or, one would assume, start) a catastrophic meltdown in the city. It will support solo play or co-op for up to four with roguelite gameplay, "endless unlocks," a roster of characters that will continue to grow, and of course plenty of "rich lore in a diverse game world."

The move to singleplayer will presumably also address one of the big concerns we had about Atlas Reactor when we first checked it out in 2016. "The alpha sent our minds reeling over competitive teamplay possibilities, but we’re a little concerned over how easy the game will be for new players to single queue in and enjoy," James wrote at the time. "It’s a super exciting genre hybrid facing a slew of unique problems."

Atlas Rogues will be available for $15 on Steam (the store page isn't live just yet, sorry) and Gamigo's Glyph storefront until December 1, at which point it will go up to its regular price of $20, and . For now, you can find out more about the game at, and check out some screens below.

Andy Chalk

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