Asus ROG’s latest motherboard for Ryzen is loaded with fan headers

Little by little, Asus is fleshing out its socket AM4 motherboard lineup for builders who are looking to assemble a system around Ryzen. It's newest offering, the Crosshair VI Extreme from its ROG division, is based on the top-end X370 chipset and takes pole position with a bevy of a features geared towards enthusiasts and overclockers, including a whopping 13 fan headers.

All of those fan headers are there to support both air and liquid cooling setups. If you still find yourself in need of a few more headers, we'd like to see a picture of your decked out build. Also, this board supports a fan extension card from Asus that brings the total number of fan headers up to 16.

For those who plan to liquid cooler, there is a special header for monitoring monoblock temperatures, flow rates, and leak detection circuits. On top of that, Asus has partnered with Bitspower to produce a monoblock made specifically for this motherboard (not included).

While on the topic of headers, you'll find one for addressable light strips to allow for control of each individual LED and advanced effects, along with two more for conventional LED strips.

Two of the board's PCIe x16 slots are reinforced with metal and spaced wide to accommodate 2.5-slot graphics card. There is also a third, non-reinforced PCIe x16 slot for three-way configurations, and three PCIe x1 slots.

Other goodies include a whole bunch of USB connectors, onboard 802.11ac Wi-Fi with an upgraded 2x2 antenna, Bluetooth 4.1, SupremeFX S1220 audio, and M.2 connectivity for newer SSDs.

Asus says the ROG Crossfire IV Extreme will be available in early August for $349.

Paul Lilly

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