Assassin's Creed: Unity bugs addressed by Ubisoft, workarounds suggested

Assassin's Creed Unity 5

[Update: The previously teased patch for the PC version of Unity has gone live. The patch notes are here. The next patch, meanwhile, has just been detailed on Ubisoft's Live Updates blog. It aims to fix problems with the AI/crowds, and to prevent Arno from getting stuck in yet more hay carts.]

Assassin's Creed: Unity, famously, has had a bit of a shaky start, but at least Ubisoft seems serious about putting it right. Following some information about the next update—which is set to stop hero Arno falling through the floor, like a big clumsy physics-defying idiot—comes an exhaustive forum post detailing all of Unity's known issues. Ubisoft have suggested workarounds to many of the game's problems, with promises that they're "working on" the others. The ones in green, meanwhile, have been "fixed".

It's worth a read if you're waiting for Unity to become a bit more stable before you pick it up, or if you've stuck with the game despite its rocky...well, its bouldery launch. The biggest problem I've heard—the less-than-stellar framerate—seems to have something to do with the game constantly connecting with the internet for various things, and indeed one of Ubisoft's suggested workarounds for a poor framerate is to disconnect from the net while playing. Meanwhile, you'll be pleased to hear that Arno will no longer "get stuck in a hay cart next to the Pantheon in the Bièvre district", which was a silly thing to be doing if you ask me.

Tom's Unity review went live yesterday. He wasn't overly fond of it in its current state.

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