Assassin's Creed Origins' non-combat Discovery Tour is out now

All games with impressive worlds should have non-combat tourist modes. Slaughtering beasts and baddies is great fun, but I love clearing an area of enemies and then returning to their natural habitats with the luxury of peace and quiet. 

Assassin's Creed Origins adds its educational The Discovery Tour today with this in mind.  

As outlined last year, the combat-free mode will allow players to "explore the rich world of Ancient Egypt" freely, or follow the 75 themed tours developer Ubisoft has installed around the game's world. 

"With the Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt, we give everyone interested in Ancient Egypt the chance to enjoy its beauty and the realisation that video games can be a source of inspiring knowledge," says the game's creative director Jean Guesdon in a statement. 

As you might expect, The Discovery Tour has a trailer. Look and learn:

"We’ve been in touch with teachers from the very first instalment of Assassin’s Creed games," explains Maxime Durand, one of Ubisoft's in-house historians. "Many of them already used the games during their History classes but soon came to realise that what they needed was an easily accessible educative tool based in our historical reconstructions.

"With the Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt, you can visualise and understand thousands of things from Egyptian history in their actual context. As both a game and a learning tool, it is quite a unique asset for teachers to integrate as part of their history classes."

Assuming you already own Assassin's Creed Origins, The Discovery Tour is free as part of the game's 1.3.0 patch and is out now. If you'd like to give it whirl sans Origins itself, it's available for £15.99 standalone.