Latest Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag video catches you up on the other videos

The amount of videos Ubisoft has released for its latest tale of swashbuckling assassination is something of a running joke at this point. The publisher has offered new videos on an almost weekly basis, leading to an almost exhausting amount of information about the game. With Black Flag coming to current gen consoles next week (the PC version hits Nov. 19 in the US ), The newest video stitches together the important bits of each trailer for your convenience.

If you've watched all of the previous trailers already, you likely won't get much out of watching this , but the wrap-up does a great job of catching up gamers who have so far stayed clear of the buzz. Of course, those who are fearful of spoilers and want to go into the newest Assassin's Creed blind should steer their pirate ships clear.