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Arma 3 video guide teaches you how to be Zeus

Arma 3

Bohemia Interactive have released a whole series of community guides, focused on teaching the game's players to be better soldiers. This latest one is a little more ambitious: teaching how to be a better god. Specifically the god Zeus, who sits atop the battlefield as game master of troops, tanks and tactical assaults. The video is devoted entirely to Arma 3's new Zeus multiplayer mode, and features Shack Tactical's 'Dslyecxi' explaining how to get the most out of its birds-eye military management.

Released earlier this month as a free update, Zeus gives players the ability to direct a multiplayer battle in real-time. Through it, GMs can spawn new units and hazards, creating a new, reactive game mode in which players must react to unique scenarios created on the fly.

To see more of Dslyecxi's Community Guides, take a look through the official Bohemia's Arma 3 YouTube playlist .

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